How to make Internet Kiosk or PC Kiosk with Live CD

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How to make Internet Kiosk or PC Kiosk with Live CD

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We suggest using Windows XP and AK5 for internet kiosk, Games kiosk or Internet cafe, however sometime Linux PC and MAC PC may also be acceptable solution.

A. What is Live CD or Live DVD or Live USB
It is a CD or DVD or USB which can boot your PC automatically.
more detail check

B. What you need.
1. You need the AH5-USB-Xbox360-PS3-PC ... troler.htm

You also need USB-DIN6-PS/2 converter if your PC does not have USB port or you use the old DIN6-PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

2. Download and make a live CD, Live DVD or Live USB.
Linux version of live CD, Live DVD or Live USB is recommended.
List of LiveDistros:
Knoppix is our suggestion. ... ive_cd.htm
3. You need a PC or even old PC, for internet kiosk only, you do not need a very powerful PC. You do need Hard drive, you do need Windows OS if you use Linux Live CD, Live DVD or Live USB, which save your lots of money.

C: Benefit and best for public self-service Internet kiosk.
1. Plug and Play.
2. Cost saving, (no need hard drive. no need window license if use Linux)
3. No worry virus (everything recovered after reboot)
No other programs or menus are available to the user. Users cannot change the configuration. Cannot be infected since it's a read-only CD, DVD or locked USB. Always reboots to same state.
4. Millions and Millions Free Games, Free software.
5. You can customized your own version of Internet Kiosk.
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