How to switch default kiosk browser to Opera Web Browser

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How to switch default kiosk browser to Opera Web Browser

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For some platform or IE version, customer may find the need to switch to third parties' browser.
The Opera is a very good web browser for internet Kiosk.
thanks for our customer Clem to provide following valuable information.

I use opera, and run this command in the Kiosk settings/choose an application to run when money paid:

"C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe" /kioskmode /kioskbuttons /nocontextmenu /noprint /nosave /nokeys /nodownload /nosplash /kioskwindows

You can also add noexit to that string - this diasbles alt-f4 to exit opera. Makes it more secure, but hard to change windows settings, as opera cannot be exitted, and it will always run when you put money in. Is a better setting for total security when you have it running as you want it. I didn't actually edit the ini file, I just played with button positions etc when not in kiosk mode to get the settings I wanted. It might take a bit of tweaking to get the result you want. I'll look for the ini file in a while.

I'm running in a limited user account, and the profile setting is in a hidden folder, I think - C:\Documents and Settings\default user\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile. It doesn't seem to store it in the user account as weavefuture executes the program. I had to make one of the files:
C:\Documents and Settings\default user\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\sessions read only, otherwise it would always go back to the last page viewed when money is put in rather than the homepage. This is due to the way weavefuture exits when the time runs out. Opera thinks it's crashed. I know this isn't very clear, but if you have a go and get back with any problems I'll try and help. I'll post a screenshot of my setup later when I get time

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