Stuck in Auto Login Mode/Vista

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Stuck in Auto Login Mode/Vista

Post by laundromat »

Hello Frank,

The equipment is working on some computers. However, I now have the problem of the Auto Login enable not turning off.

I have Windows Vista Business. I am using AK5 USB, and Bill Acceptor USB. I am using 3.9.0.

I created an Administrator login and a Standard Guest account. I set the kiosk software to auto login for Standard Guest account. However, I need to make changes on the background splash on the Administrator account. Even though I click "Switch User" or "Log Off" on Vista, I cannot access the Administrator account. I've tried to uninstall software, but same problem is that I cannot uninstall unless Administrator.

Do you have any suggestions? Or, should I go into safe mode and delete software, or is there a better way? Let me know. Thank you!

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Re: Stuck in Auto Login Mode/Vista

Post by Administrator »

Auto Login only works in administrator account.
Some features work only in the user as administrator account.
You may need to boot in safe mode and delete the software and then reinstall the software.
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