Locks In Production Mode - Windows Vista

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Locks In Production Mode - Windows Vista

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Computer Locks out when switched from Test to Production Mode. Here is my info:

4 Dell Computers
Windows Vista Business
Bill Acceptor
Weavefuture Coin Operated Internet Kiosk 3.9.0

I have finally successfully installed the software and hardware units to work on the computer in TEST Mode. When I switched 2 computers to Production Mode, it locked the mouse and locked out of the computer. I couldn't do anything. I went into SAFE mode and tried to unistall the software, but there was a problem. I finally figured out how to RESTORE WINDOWS to a previous date and time before I switched to Production Mode. This worked, but I am still having problems with TEST Mode.

When in TEST mode, the Time Menu allows people to access internet when they select "Reset Browser of Game." I did not realize people could access Internet for free until someone told me that everyone knew the secret.

I am unable to get it to work in Production Mode in Vista. Please tell me what to do next. Thank you!

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Re: Locks In Production Mode - Windows Vista

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Windows Vista you need to disable the UAC
do not swith the USB port, you need to change the RS232 com port if you switch the USB port.
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