Question about Xbox 360 Control.

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Question about Xbox 360 Control.

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I am wondering about the xbox 360. please note I do understand how your product works. Here is my question. Lets say I have a kiosk setup in a college dorm. What is to stop someone from syncing their wireless control to the kiosk and avoiding the coin mech to play? It would be as if a control was re connected, and gaming would continue with a loss in profit to the customer. Is there a way to prevent this? (Note, this would be a self service. No constant monitoring of the kiosk)
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Re: Question about Xbox 360 Control.

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it is very simple to do, you just cover your Xbox 360 into a metal box or metal foils, the wireless communication signal will be covered from Xbox 360.
The main wireless communication is using blue tooth technologies, which can be disrupted by metal cover.
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