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How to Convert Playstaion 3 into Coin Operated Game.

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 11:49 pm
by Administrator
The AH5-USB-XBox360-PS3-WII can convert your Play staion 3 into coin operated Game.
The Play station 3 only have wireless controller, you need to take the battery off the wireless controller then connect your wireless controller though USB cable to the Play station 3. and the this USB cable will gave power to your wireless controller, so you have "wire controller"
. Then we can use our AH5-USB-XBox360-PS3-WII to control the customer's play time of the Play station 3.

Does the PS3 come with a USB cable to charge/connect the controller?
Yes it does come with a usb cord to charge the controller that comes with it....When you buy a second controller the box that comes in comes with another usb cord as well.