An XBOX Arcade

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An XBOX Arcade

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I am looking to set up an XBOX Arcade.

I am looking to set up an XBOX Arcade in my local area (Northeast Florida).

My intent is to start with about 5 stations and build up from that to around 10 stations and go as high as 20 stations.

I have several questions.

1. Do you offer bulk discounts for quantity purchases??

2. What Bill Acceptors is your DIY package (AH5) compatible with??

3. Do you have any advice for setting up multiple XBOX "arcade" stations??

Thanx :D

The XBOX man
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Re: An XBOX Arcade

Post by Administrator »

the AH5-Xbox is for XBox
more detail please check our website. ... troler.htm

1. Please send email to fore more detail.
2. Any bill acceptors that can output pulse signal which are most popular and basic.
3. It is just plug and play and very easy to setup. The advice is that the take action quickly. :).

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