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How to convert PC game like Dreamflyer into coin operated

Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:21 am
by Administrator
The DreamFlyerâ„¢ delivers the most extraordinary recreational experience at a price the armchair pilot can afford. It enhances the user's otherwise normal enjoyment of using flight simulation software. If your flight simulation were any more real, you'd be paying for the fuel!
The Universal Coin acceptor AK5 or Bill acceptor, can convert it to self service. coin operated or bill operated.
We customer drop the coin or bill the Dreamflyer will start a new game, and the Dreamflyer will stop when the timer expired.
there are 2 options
1. With software solution. you install the software. Recommended.
Weavefuture Internet Cafe Game Kiosk Timer 3.8.0 or Bill Operated Internet Kiosk software and Drvier 3.8
The software default start a WeavefutureKioskBrowser3.exe . You just change it to DreamFly.exe with the directory where it installed.
2. Hardware timer solution, no software needed, just plug and play.
It is AH5-USB-XBOx360-PS3-PC ... troler.htm