Remote Time Checker

Any suggestions and ideas are very welcome.
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Remote Time Checker

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Firstly, I love your company's program.
However, I would like to suggest one new feature : Remote Timer checker

Computer is running under useraccount (not guest)
and I control the computer with remote control and telnet

But, whenever there is a user, I cant use remote control and I want to know how much time is left for this user under telnet.
So, little command program that tells remained time would be very nice.

Thank you very much
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Re: Remote Time Checker

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that is good idea,
We may create another monitor program, the operator can monitor the user's time and also the total money dropped.
You can setup a email account to receive the audit log files by email (Start->Administrator->Email to setup)
There are 2 options
1. There is website, so operator can log in to check the status of each PC.
2. a monitor program in the local to show each PC's time and total money.
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