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Cyber Cafe software - admin

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We are interested in using your software for some "Cyber Cafe" Internet kiosks for our church.

I've downloaded and installed the demo and was wondering how one accesses the administrative control panel after the kiosk browser is set to run when Windows starts. The user manual had no information about this (that I saw).

Is there a key combination that you type to get access to log into the admin or control panel?

I am very interested in how multiple kiosks would be configured and managed. Can they be managed remotely from a central location?

Thank you.
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Re: Cyber Cafe software - admin

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1. you need to drop money into the coin acceptor or bill acceptor in order to use administrator.
Start->Administrator-> put password in order to do the configuration.
2. the new version 4.0 and later, which will released soon, will have remote access and administrator functions.
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