Convert anything or everything into coin operated, bill operated, card operated.

Weavefuture Coin Op Internet Caf, Kiosk, PC Game Timer Software

  •  Weavefuture Coin Op Internet Caf Kiosk Game Timer software is used to convert your PC into Coin Operated or Bill Operated self service Internet Caf, Internet Kiosk, PC Game, Coin Op and/or Bill Operated PC Video etc.. The Software is tested on Windows NT, Windows 2000/XP/Vista  (Windows Vista need to disable UAC),  It has patent pending solution.

    It works with Hardware Weavefuture Universal Multi Coin Acceptor AK5 and/or Weavefuture Coin Acceptor and Bill Acceptor Timer Board.

  •   integrated with Weavefuture Public Internet Kiosk Browser 3.2 (You can also download stand alone version for non coin operated), it is wrapper for Internet Explore 6.0 above. (internet Explore 6.0 above has to be installed, you can install, update any plug-in in your Internet Explore 6.0 above)

  • include Weavefuture Internet Cafe Kiosk Timer Software tested on Windows 2000/XP/Vista  (Windows Vista need to disable UAC)  

    The latest version of Weavefuture Internet Cafe Game Kiosk Timer 3.9.3

    Download Weavefuture  Internet Kiosk Cafe Game Kiosk Timer version 3.9.3 Get it from CNET!

    What is new about version,

    Add automatic check com port only, used for new installation only. No need to upgrade from 3.9.1

    Download Weavefuture Internet Cafe Game Kiosk Timer 3.9.1

    1. Add more support for third parties' Bill acceptor

    2. Fixed some bugs

    What is new about version 3.8.4

    1. Add optional charge for busy hours.

    2. Fixed some bugs

    What is new about version 3.8.0

    1. Add Bill Acceptor option to support some bill acceptor.

    2. Fixed some bugs

    What is new about version 3.7.9

    1. Add monitor feature, the PC will reboot if the software been tempted.

    2. F1-F12 key can be optional enable disable.

    3. The Log files can be change to different directory.

    Download Weavefuture Internet Cafe Game Kiosk Timer Production version 3.7.8

    What is new about version 3.7.8

    1. it can close all the programs or games opened by Timer when the time expired.
    it also close all the programs or games that configured in the kiosk settings

    What is new about version 3.7.7

    1. Add support for total money in the log files.

    What is new about version 3.7.6

    1. This is Test Version for Windows Vista (Windows Vista need to disable UAC). Only  minimum support, it may have bugs for Vista. Almost same as 3.7.5 for other windows version.

    2. Add Font and color design for Splash windows. fixes few bugs


    Download Weavefuture Internet Cafe Game Kiosk Timer Production version 3.7.5.

    What is new about version 3.7.5

    1. support AK5-USB, which can connect PC by using USB port instead of Serial Com Port DB9 RS232.

    2. Fix some bugs.


    Weavefuture Internet Cafe Game Kiosk Timer Production version 3.7.4

    What is new about version 3.7.4

    1. It include Weavefuture Internet Kiosk Browsers 3.2 (You can also download stand alone version for non coin operated)

        Which is brand new and use fully libraries and API from Internet Explore 6.x and above.

        You need to setup valid Username, Password and Domain in Start->Administrator->AutoLogon in order to run

          Weavefuture Internet Kiosk Browsers 3.2  without bugs.

       This version fixed the "@" input and other bugs

    2. add optional "Reset Timer" button.
    3. The Timer will extend its width to remind user insert more money
    4. It can change how many seconds the timer start to sound alarm or extends its width to remind customer insert more money, default is 30 seconds now.
    5 reset timer location when new session started

    What is new about version 3.7

    1. Add charge printing by page feature (you need to setup your default Printer since this version or fake printer if you do not have, otherwise there will be bugs to prevent timer to function)

    What is new about version 3.6

    1. optional add picture (JPG, BMP, GIF, etc) in the central area.

    2. optional add Flash  in the central area. (need install Shock Wave Flash Player 9.0 or up)

    3. optional add Video  in the central area  (need install Windows Media Player 9.0 or up)

    4. optional select only one central display.

    What is new about version 3.3

    1. Add "optional reboot PC after timer expire" feature

    What is new about version 3.2.1

    1. You can put your own company's Logo on the start up screen.

    2. You can write your own description of the start up screen.

    3. You can add more games or applications for customer to use

    4. The mouse is free to move in case your run your own screen saver.

    5. You can add more advertising pictures on the start up screen, get extra revenue from advertising.

    6. Fixed few bugs.

    7. Timer on screen can be fixed on any position.

    8. It is in kiosk mode after installation. (You need to disable the kiosk mode if you want to uninstall the software.)

    9. Kiosk Auto Logon ( can close all the programs when timer expire. Reboot PC with logon)

    10. Please email us any question if find any bugs or request more features


  •    (The software has 2 mode, Test mode and Production Mode. After installed the software first time, it is in default Test Mode. When the software is in Production Mode, your PC will be locked forever and you may have to reinstall the OS if you did not buy the WS, AK5, or Weavefuture Kiosk Board. That is the different between the Test Mode and Production mode. When your purchase the WS, AK5, or Weavefuture Kiosk Board then you can unlock your PC by drop the coins, insert bill)

  •   Download  Weavefuture Internet Caf Game Kiosk Timer Demo Version 

  • features:  minimum start time, change color, log files for coin drop information. sent log files by mail functions( this need to setup the SMTP server. you can use you own server or using our server with your own account by US$2.00 per month.)


  •       include Free Weavefuture Internet Kiosk Browser 1.0 tested on Windows 2000/XP(US$25 value)            

  •       include RS232 Cable (can be used only for AK5)

  •       You just connect it to PC and install the software as administrator, run it as limited user, and then you turn your PC into self-service Internet Cafe, Coin Op Machine.

 Download Detail Manual 2.0   Please read this manual carefully before install the software

See the Real Cases



l         Multiple coins

It designed to set 5 different output value groups at the same time; every output value set can program 10 types coins.

Different output values mean number of output pulse.


l         Setup coins by training

Programming the type of coin by training, when AK5 is in programming mode it memorize the data of material, thickness and diameter of the coins. When AK5 is in working mode it will recognize the coins by a complicated calculation and process these memorize data.

l         Adjustable the recognized accuracy

There is a switch in the AK5 can adjust the accurate degree of recognizing sensitive.

l         Alarm guard system.

The AK5 has software guard system; this guard system has alarm, which   prevents opportunistic behaviors.

l         Apply to coins diameter = 18m/m - 29m/m

l         Apply to coins thickness = 1.2m/m - 3.0m/m

l         Work voltage = DC12V 20%

l         Current in 50MA in power saving mode, wake up mode 500MA

l         Temperature =-20C~50C

Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Controller made by Weavefuture Inc.  Support any 5 types of coins ( Canada Quarter, Lonnie, Toonie, Dime, Nickel, US Quarter, Dime, Nick, UK Coins, Mexico Coins, Australia coins, or any coins or token diameter = 18m/m - 29m/m,  thickness = 1.2m/m - 3.0m/m.

 More detail information or questions,  please check

Why Coin Op or Operated Internet Caf,

Save the management cost, save the hiring cost, and get investment back in months or even weeks.

is software controlled ideal for Internet Cafe and internet kiosk.


 You can charge usage time of the controlled products.

Software Controlled Coin op Operated public internet access Kiosk with Weavefuture Kiosk Software

  You just connect it to PC's com port and install the software as administrator, run it as limited user, and then you turn your PC into self-service Internet Cafe Machine. Include free Weavefuture Internet Caf Kiosk Timer 1.0 tested on Windows 2000/XP. Download it! Include Free Weavefuture Internet Kiosk Browser 1.0 tested on Windows 2000/XP Download it! Check the Screenshot

Alarm will sound when the timer start to count seconds, optional to turn it off with switch button

Weavefuture AK5 Multiple Coin Acceptor Can setup to recognize up to 5 kinds of Coin Currency for almost all countries and all kinds of tokens at anytime

Include 110V AC adaptor

Include Metal Coin Box about 14" X 10" X 6"

(eBay allows only the following types of links in a seller's item's description: - One link to a page that further describes the item being sold in that listing) Here is the link for further details and free software Get it from CNET!



dieses, das durch Software bersetzt wird, kann möglicherweise nicht korrekt sein.  Mnze OPinternet-Kaffee-Kiosk-Steuerpult gebildet durch Weavefuture Inc. Untersttzung irgendwelche 5 Arten Mnzen (Kanada Viertel, Lonnie, Toonie, Groschen, Nickel, US Viertel, Groschen, Einschnitt, BRITISCHE Mnzen, Mexiko Mnzen, Australien Mnzen oder irgendein Mnzen- oder Scheindurchmesser = 18m/m- 29m/m, Stärke = 1.2m/m- 3.0m/m.   Mehr Detailinformationen oder -fragen, berprfen bitte    Warum Mnze OP oder bearbeitetes Internet Caf,     Außer den Managementkosten außer den anstellenkosten und Investition in Monate oder sogar in Wochen zurckbekommen.    ist Software gesteuertes ideales fr Internet-Kaffee und Internet-Kiosk.      Du kannst Verbrauchzeit der kontrollierten Produkte aufladen.    Software steuerte Mnze OP bearbeiteten allgemeinen Internet-Zugang Kiosk mit Weavefuture Kiosk-Software      Du gerade schließt sie an Tor COM PC an und bringst die Software an, wie Verwalter, sie als begrenzter Benutzer laufen lassen, und dann machst du deinen PC zu Selbstbedienung Internet-Kaffee-Maschine. Den freien Weavefuture Internet Caf Kiosk-Timer 1.0 mit einschließen, der auf Windows 2000 /XP geprft wird. Es downloaden! Die freie Weavefuture Internet-Kiosk-Datenbanksuchroutine 1.0 einschließen, die auf Download des Windows- 2000/XP es geprft wird! Das Screenshot berprfen     Warnung klingt, wenn man den Timer-Anfang die Sekunden zählt, wahlweise freigestellt, um ihn mit Schaltertaste abzustellen     Weavefuture AK5 kann mehrfacher Mnze Akzeptor grnden, um bis 5 Arten Mnze Währung fr fast alle Länder und alle Arten Zeichen an jederzeit zu erkennen    Wechselstrom 110V Adapter mit einschließen    Metallmnzkassette ber 14 mit einschließen " X 10 " X 6 "     (eBay erlaubt nur die folgenden Arten der Verbindungen in der Beschreibung des Einzelteils eines Verkäufers: - Eine Verbindung zu einer Seite, die weiter das Einzelteil beschreibt dadurch, das verkauft wird, daß die Registrierung) hier die Verbindung fr weitere Details und freie Software ist          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Auf 08-Feb-06 bei 17:34: 05 EST, Verkäufer addierten die folgenden Informationen:     Nachdem Sie gekauft haben mit deiner Kreditkarte durch PayPal sofort zahlen!

ceci traduit par le logiciel peut ne pas tre correct.  Contrôleur  jetons de kiosque de caf d'Internet fait par l'appui de Weavefuture Inc. 5 types quelconques de pices de monnaie (quart du Canada, Lonnie, Toonie, dixime de dollar, nickel, quart des USA, dixime de dollar, Nick, pices de monnaie BRITANNIQUES, pices de monnaie de pices de monnaie du Mexique, de l'Australie, ou tous diamtre de pice de monnaie ou symbolique = 18m/m- 29m/m, paisseur = 1.2m/m- 3.0m/m.   Plus d'information ou de questions de dtail, vrifient svp pourquoi  jetons ou Internet actionn Caf, conomiser le coût de gestion, conomiser le coût de location, et rcuprent l'investissement en mois ou mme semaines.    est idal command par logiciel pour le caf d'Internet et le kiosque d'Internet.      Vous pouvez charger le temps utile des produits commands.    Kiosque public actionn  jetons d'accs d'Internet command par logiciel avec le logiciel de kiosque de Weavefuture vous juste le reliez au port de COM du PC et installez le logiciel comme l'administrateur, le courent en tant qu'utilisateur limit, et alors vous transformez votre PC en machine de caf d'Internet de service. Inclure le temporisateur libre 1.0 de kiosque de Caf d'Internet de Weavefuture examin sur le Windows 2000 /XP. Le tlcharger ! Inclure le navigateur libre 1.0 de kiosque d'Internet de Weavefuture examin sur le tlchargement du Windows 2000 /XP le ! Vrifier l'alarme de Screenshot retentira quand le dbut de temporisateur compter des en second lieu, facultatifs pour la tourner au loin avec l'accepteur multiple de pice de monnaie de Weavefuture AK5 de bouton de commutateur peut installer pour identifier jusqu' 5 genres de devise de pice de monnaie pour presque tous les pays et toutes sortes de marque incluent n'importe quand l'adapteur  C.A. 110V incluent la tirelire en mtal environ 14 " X 10 " X 6 " (eBay permet seulement les types suivants de liens dans la description de l'article d'un vendeur : - Un lien  une page qui dcrit plus loin l'article tant vendu du fait l'numration) voici le lien pour d'autres dtails et logiciel libre          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Sur 08-Feb-06 chez 17:34 : 05 l'est, vendeur a ajout l'information suivante :     Aprs l'achat, payer immdiatement avec votre carte de crdit par PayPal !

esto traducida por el software puede no estar correcto.  Regulador de Op. Sys. del quiosco del caf del Internet de la moneda hecho por la ayuda de Weavefuture Inc. cualquieres 5 tipos de las monedas (cuarto de Canad, Lonnie, Toonie, moneda de diez centavos, nquel, cuarto de los E.E.U.U., moneda de diez centavos, mella, monedas BRITÁNICAS, monedas de las monedas de Mxico, de Australia, o cualquier dimetro del moneda o simblico = 18m/m- los 29m/m, grueso = 1.2m/m- 3.0m/m.   Ms informacin o preguntas del detalle, comprueba por favor porqu Internet de Op. Sys. o funcionado Caf de la moneda, excepto el coste de la gerencia, excepto el coste que emplea, y consigue la inversin detrs en meses o an semanas.    es ideal controlada software para el caf del Internet y el quiosco del Internet.      Puedes cargar el tiempo de uso de los productos controlados.    Quiosco pblico funcionado de Op. Sys. controlado software del acceso del Internet de la moneda con software del quiosco de Weavefuture apenas lo conectas con el puerto de COM de la PC e instalas el software como el administrador, lo funciona como usuario limitado, y entonces das vuelta a tu PC en la mquina del caf del Internet del autoservicio. Incluir el contador de tiempo libre 1.0 del quiosco de Caf del Internet de Weavefuture probado en el Windows 2000 /XP. ¡Descargarlo! ¡Incluir el Browser libre 1.0 del quiosco del Internet de Weavefuture probado en transferencia directa del Windows 2000 /XP lo! Comprobar el alarmar de Screenshot sonar cuando el comienzo del contador de tiempo contar los segundos, opcionales para darte vuelta apagado con el aceptador mltiple de la moneda de Weavefuture AK5 del botn del interruptor puede setup para reconocer hasta 5 clases de modernidad de la moneda para casi todos los pases y todas las clases de smbolo incluyen a toda hora el adaptador de la CA 110V incluyen la caja de moneda del metal cerca de 14 " X 10 " X 6 " (eBay permite solamente los tipos siguientes de acoplamientos en la descripcin del artculo de un vendedor: - Un acoplamiento a una pgina que describe ms lejos el artculo que es vendido en que el enumerar) aqu es el acoplamiento para otros detalles y el software libre          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  En 08-Feb-06 en 17:34: 05 EST, vendedor agregaron la informacin siguiente:     ¡Despus de comprar, pagar inmediatamente con tu tarjeta de crdito con PayPal!

ci tradotta da software non pu essere corretta.  Regolatore a gettone del Kiosk del caff del Internet fatto dal supporto di Weavefuture Inc. qualsiasi 5 tipi di monete (quarto del Canada, Lonnie, Toonie, moneta da dieci centesimi di dollaro, nichel, quarto degli Stati Uniti, moneta da dieci centesimi di dollaro, scalfittura, monete BRITANNICHE, monete delle monete del Messico, dell'Australia, o qualsiasi diametro simbolico o del moneta = 18m/m- 29m/m, spessore = 1.2m/m- 3.0m/m.   Le pi informazioni o domande del particolare, controllano prego perch a gettone o Internet funzionato Caf, comprimere il costo dell'amministrazione, comprimere il costo assumente ed ottengono l'investimento indietro nei mesi o persino nelle settimane.     ideale controllato software per il caff del Internet ed il kiosk del Internet.      Potete caricare il tempo di uso dei prodotti controllati.    Kiosk pubblico funzionato a gettone di accesso del Internet controllato software con il software del Kiosk di Weavefuture appena lo collegate all'orificio di COM del pc ed installate il software come il coordinatore, lo fa funzionare come utente limitato ed allora trasformate nel vostro pc la macchina del caff del Internet del self-service. Includere il temporizzatore libero 1.0 del Kiosk di Caf del Internet di Weavefuture esaminato sul Windows 2000 /XP. Trasferirlo dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti! Includere il Browser libero 1.0 del Kiosk del Internet di Weavefuture esaminato sul trasferimento dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti del Windows 2000 /XP esso! Controllare l'allarme di Screenshot suoner quando l'inizio del temporizzatore contare i secondi, facoltativi per girarlo fuori con il ricettore multiplo della moneta di Weavefuture AK5 del tasto dell'interruttore pu installare per riconoscere fino a 5 generi di valuta della moneta per quasi tutti i paesi e tutti i generi di segno in qualsiasi momento includono l'adattatore di CA 110V includono la scatola di moneta del metallo circa 14 " X 10 " la X 6 " (eBay permette soltanto i seguenti tipi di collegamenti nella descrizione dell'articolo del venditore: - Un collegamento ad una pagina che pi ulteriormente descrive l'articolo che  venduto in quanto elencare) qui  il collegamento per ulteriori particolari e software libero          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Su 08-Feb-06 a 17:34: 05 EST, venditore hanno aggiunto le seguenti informazioni:     Dopo l'acquisto, pagare immediatamente con la vostra carta di credito con PayPal!

isto traduzido pelo software não pode estar correto.  Controlador Op do Kiosk do caf do Internet da moeda feito pela sustentação de Weavefuture Inc. alguns 5 tipos de moedas (quarto de Canad, Lonnie, Toonie, moeda de dez centavos, niquelar, quarto dos E.U., moeda de dez centavos, entalhe, moedas BRITÂNICAS, moedas das moedas de Mxico, da Austrlia, ou algum diâmetro do moeda ou o simblico = 18m/m - 29m/m, espessura = 1.2m/m - 3.0m/m.   Mais informação ou perguntas do detalhe, verificam por favor porque Internet Op ou operado Caf da moeda, excepto o custo da gerncia, excepto o custo empregando, e começam o investimento para trs nos meses ou em semanas uniformes.     ideal controlado software para o caf do Internet e o kiosk do Internet.      Voc pode carregar o tempo de uso dos produtos controlados.    Kiosk pblico operado op controlado software do acesso do Internet da moeda com software do Kiosk de Weavefuture voc apenas conecta-o ao porto de COM do PC e instala-o o software como o administrador, o funciona como usurio limitado, e então voc gira seu PC na mquina do caf do Internet do self-service. Incluir o temporizador livre 1.0 do Kiosk de Caf do Internet de Weavefuture testado no Windows 2000 /XP. Download o! Incluir o Browser livre 1.0 do Kiosk do Internet de Weavefuture testado no Download do Windows 2000 /XP o! Verificar o alarme de Screenshot soar quando o começo do temporizador contar os segundos, opcionais para o girar fora com o aceitador mltiplo da moeda de Weavefuture AK5 da tecla do interruptor pode setup para reconhecer at 5 tipos da moeda corrente da moeda para quase todos os pases e todos os tipos do smbolo incluem a qualquer hora o adaptador da C.A. 110V incluem a caixa de moeda do metal aproximadamente 14 " X 10 " X 6 " (eBay permite somente os seguintes tipos de ligações na descrição do artigo de um seller: - Uma ligação a uma pgina que descreva mais mais o artigo que est sendo vendido que alistar)  aqui a ligação para uns detalhes mais adicionais e o software livre          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Em 08-Feb-06 em 17:34: 05 EST, seller adicionaram a seguinte informação:     Aps comprar, pagar imediatamente com seu cartão de crdito com PayPal!

وترجم ذلك من خلال البرامج قد لا تكون صحيحه. العمله المرجع الانترنت مقهي كشك المراقب قدمتها ويافيفوتوري مءسسه دعم اي 5 انواع النقود (كندا الربع لوني ، توني ، الدايم والنيكل والولايات الربع شيءا ونيك وبريطانيا النقود المكسيك النقود استراليا النقود ، او اي قطعه اثريه او الرمز قطرها = 18m/m - 29m/m ، السمك = 1.2m/m - 3.0m/m. معلومات اكثر تفصيلا او اسءله ، يرجي مراجعه لماذا العمله المرجع او تشغيل الانترنت caf ، باستثناء التكاليف الاداريه ، وتوفير تكاليف الاستءجار ، الي اللغتين اصبح الاستثمار في اشهر او حتي اسابيع. هل البرامج التي تسيطر مثاليه مقهي الانترنت واكشاك الانترنت. يمكنك استخدام قت تحميل مراقبه المنتجات. برمجيات التحكم العمله المرجع تشغيل شبكه الانترنت مع ويافيفوتوري كشك كشك البرامج اوصل لكم فقط من جهاز كمبيوتر كوم الميناء وتركيب البرامج والاداره ص الامم المتحده انها محدوده الاستخدام ، ثم اللغتين لك ان تدير جهاز كمبيوتر في الخدمه الذاتيه مقهي الانترنت الاله. تتضمن حريه ويافيفوتوري الانترنت caf كشك الموقت علي ويندوز 1.0 اختبار 2000/xp. تنزيلها! تتضمن حريه ويافيفوتوري كشك متصفح الانترنت مجرب علي ويندوز 1.0 2000/xp تنزيلها! فحص لقطه من الشاشه سوف انذار الصوت عندما يبدا العد مره ثانيه يا بتيونال تحويله بالقبض المفتاح الزر ويافيفوتوري ak5 الضعف سك عملات معدنيه بالمتقبلين يمكن ان فوضعها ان تعترف يصل الي 5 انواع سك عملات معدنيه العمله طيله ما يقرب من جميع البلدان وجميع انواع الرموز في اي وقت تدرج 110v (تيار متناوب) المحول تدرج المعدن سك عملات معدنيه المربع حوالي 14 "10" س 6 "(يباي يسمح فقط الانواع التاليه الروابط في الباءع البند الوصف : ?C حلقه واحده الي صفحه تصف ايضا الماده تباع في هذا التسجيل) هنا الوصله للاطلاع علي مزيد من التفاصيل وبرمجيات مجانيه -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- علي 08 - فبراير - 06 في 17:34:05 الشرقي ، باءع اضافت المعلومات التاليه : بعد الشراء والدفع فورا بما لديكم بطاقات الاءتمان خلال بايبال!

?եȥˤƷʤ  Ӳ؛eavefuture Inc.?ݩ`?ȤˤƤʤ?����`?ͥåȤΆ˲ΥΥΤ?ĤΥפ؛(?ʥķ֤LonnieToonie?˥å˥å?؛؛?`?ȥ؛?ޤ؛?ޤϥȩ`?= 18m/m - 29m/m?κ? 1.2m/m - 3.0m/m   ?|?ϡ?sales@weavefuture.comӲ؛?β����`?ͥå?af?MС?ä?Mе?ޤ?    ?����`?ͥåȤΆ˲����`?ͥåȤΥΤեȥˤ����Ϥ?nbsp;     ץȤr����ȤǤ?nbsp;   ?ߤ?`?ȤơӤ`?ӥΥ����`?ͥåȤΆ˲Cе?ˤʤ?C?eavefuture?ΥեȥƤ?եȥˤ����?Ӳ؛?βӤ?����`?ͥåȤΥΥ?PCom?θۤˤɤӾA?եȥ Windows 2000 /XP?ǥƥȤ?eavefuture?Υ����`?ͥåȤ?af?��Υ??ީ`1.0?����ߤʤ? `?ɤʤ?! Windows 2000 /XP?Υ?`?ɤǤƥȤ?eavefuture?Υ����`?ͥåȤΥΥ��1.0?��ߤʤ?! ?����������������������������������?#12539;?ܥ?Weavefuture AK5?ζӲ؛?Υץ`?Ȥؤ5?N���������Ƥι?Ӳ؛?؛?_?ީ`_ʼ?åȥåפǤ?NΥȩ`?����ĤǤ?10V ACץ`?����?4?ˤĤƤνӲ؛?quot; x 10 " x 6 "Screenshotʤʤ?(?ΤΥפ?ˤΥ?ɤ?Bay: -ȤˤϤμեե?a href="">ΤǤ?ȸ?؜?Ӥ`?ؤĤΥ?          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  17:3482?06: 05˜ʕr?̤ˤϴΤ:     ُ?ʤΥ?åȥ`?ɤ??ͨayPalB?ʤ?!

소프트웨어에 의해 번역된 이것은 정확하지 않을지도 모른다.  Weavefuture Inc. 지원에 의해 하는 자동 판매기 인터넷 다방 간이 건축물 관제사 동전 (캐나다 내무반, Lonnie, Toonie, 십센트, 니켈, 미국 내무반, 십센트, Nick, 영국 동전, 멕시코 동전, 호주 동전, 또는 어떤 동전 또는 명목 직경 = 18m/m - 29m/m 의 간격 = 1.2m/m -의 5가지의 유형 3.0m/m.   자동 판매기 또는 운영한 인터넷 Caf, 관리 비용을 제외하고, 고용 비용을 제외하고 왜 세부 사항 정보 또는 질문은 더, sales@weavefuture.com를 검사하고, 달 또는 주에서 투자를 돌려받는다.    인터넷 다방과 인터넷 간이 건축물을 위한 소프트웨어에 의하여 통제된 이상은 이다.      당신은 통제되는 제품의 사용 시간을 위탁할 수 있다.    Weavefuture 간이 건축물 소프트웨어를 가진 소프트웨어에 의하여 통제된 자동 판매기 운영한 공중 인터넷 접속 간이 건축물 당신은 PC의 com 항구에 다만 행정관이 한정된 사용자로, 그것을 달린 대로 그것을 연결하고 소프트웨어를 설치한다, 그 때 당신은 셀프서비스 인터넷 다방 기계로 당신의 PC를 돈다. Windows 2000 /XP에 시험된 자유로운 Weavefuture 인터넷 Caf 간이 건축물 타이머 1.0를 포함하십시오. 그것을 다운로드하십시오! Windows 2000 /XP 다운로드에 그것을 시험된 자유로운 Weavefuture 인터넷 간이 건축물 브라우저 1.0를 포함하십시오! 거의 모든 국가를 위한 동전 통화의 5개까지 종류를 인식하기 위하여 타이머 시작이 설치할 수 있고 온갖 토큰이 언제나 110V AC 접합기를 포함하는 14 대략 금속 동전 상자를 " eBay X 10 " X 6 " 포함하는 선택 스위치 단추 Weavefuture AK5 다수 동전 수락자로 그것을 떨어져 돌기 위하여 초를 세기 위하여 때 Screenshot 경보를 소리가 날 것이다 검사하십시오 (판매인의 항목 설명에 있는 연결의 단지 뒤에 오는 유형을 허용한다: - 목록으로 만드는 것은) 여기에서 더 세부사항 및 무료 소프트웨어를 위한 연결이다 판매되는 품목을 에서 더 기술하는 페이지에 1개의 연결          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  17:34에 08 2월 06에: 05 EST 의 판매인은 뒤에 오는 정보를 추가했다:     구매 후에, 당신의 신용-카드 직행 PayPal로 즉시에 지불하십시오!


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The coin acceptor and note validator/bill acceptor accept allmost all country's currency.

North American:  US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, etc.

European:  Belgium, German, France, Spain, UK, Island, Czech Republic, England, Iceland, Italy, Norway, etc.

Asia:  Thailand, Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Turkey, etc. and many more.

 please send to to ask.


We provide our products to:



.Internet Cafe

.Internet Kiosk

.Car Wash

.Water dispenser

.any other power devices

All the products have 1 year warranty for exchanging to same model and repairing if there is defect. no return for refund for return.

The coin acceptor and note validator/bill acceptor accept allmost all country's currency.

North American:  US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, etc.

European:  Belgium, German, France, Spain, UK, Island, Czech Republic, England, Iceland, Italy, Norway, etc.

Asia:  Thailand, Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Turkey, etc. and many more.

 please send to to ask.


We provide our products to:



.Internet Cafe

.Internet Kiosk

.Car Wash

.Water dispenser

.any other power devices

All the products have 1 year warranty for exchanging to same model and repairing if there is defect. no return for refund for return.