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1. Hardware Timer Controlled  turn XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE , Play station 3 or 4, Xbox, PS 2, Power Device, laundry into coin op

2. Turn your PC into Coin operated Internet, kiosk Game Kiosk, Application Kiosk System (WS)

3. Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Game Cafe Self Service Payment System (ICPS), Turn internet cafe into coin op

4. Parts: Universal Multi Coin Acceptor AK5

5. Note Validator / Bill Acceptor for Internet Kiosk

6. Internet Cafe Kiosk Interface Board, (interface with any thirdly party coin acceptor and bill acceptor)

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    Other informations:

Coin Acceptor/Coin Mech AC5

Coin Acceptor or Coin Mech AC5 Manual

Coin Op Internet Cafe Timer System

Coin Op Internet Cafe Timer System Manual

Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Software

Coin Doors

Internet Sitting Kiosk

This Kiosk has :
  17" CRT monitor,
 key board & touchpad mouse,
 credit card insert reader,
 bill accepter
  Item Description
  Kiosk Computer (optional)
  Kiosk Software (optional)
  Total Delivered Cost


The coin acceptor and note validator/bill acceptor accept allmost all country's currency.

North American:  US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, etc.

European:  Belgium, German, France, Spain, UK, Island, Czech Republic, England, Iceland, Italy, Norway, etc.

Asia:  Thailand, Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Turkey, etc. and many more.

 please send to sales@weavefuture.com to ask.


We provide our products to:



.Internet Cafe

.Internet Kiosk

.Car Wash

.Water dispenser

.any other power devices

All the products have 1 year warranty for exchanging to same model and repairing if there is defect. no return for refund for return.